Business Continuity

Business Continuity Service (BCS)

In the event of a catastrophic failure of your premises or connectivity that stops you from performing operational business functions we are able to virtualise all of your backed up servers with data no more than 24 hours old onto our datacentre infrastructure fabric. Following internet DNS replication for mail and host records we can allow a client’s staff remote desktop access to their servers and applications.  For more information click here 

To download a leaflet featuring our Business Continuity Service please click here   BCS Leaflet

 When do I mobilise the Business Continuity Program (BCP) service?

The BCP service should be viewed as a last resort. It should not be invoked if the failure is minor and likely to be resolved within 24 hours.

How long can I use the BCP service?

This service can be used for a maximum of 90 days, after which fees for this service will become applicable.


Is my appliance covered by a warranty?

Yes, Raycon BCS  is a service, and your monthly fees cover everything, with no additional costs – including replacement of any defective parts or systems.

What if my data set or the number of servers I want backed up increase?

If the client’s data set or number of servers becomes more than the appliance is capable of backing up, with the agreed retention levels, then we will provide a larger replacement or additional appliance. The new appliance will be subject to a new agreement from the date of installation and the client shall be liable for additional fees.

Who has ownership of the data?

The backup data being stored on the appliance and at the datacentre remains the sole property of you the client.  If you the client choose to terminate the service, we will copy backup data to external drive(s) and present them to the client.

To download a leaflet featuring our Business Continuity Service please click here  BCS Leaflet

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