Why choose a Hosted VoIP Service?


Raycon Hosted VoIP Service enables customers to build powerful telecommunication solutions tailored to their individual businesses needs without any need for capital expenditure. Each bespoke solution is provided for a set monthly fee which covers all on-going support and maintenance of the solution. Customers can add or remove services as and when required meaning the business only pays for the services and features it really needs.

Cost Effective

All services are provided for a monthly charge based on the services that are currently in use. Companies no longer need to invest in a traditional PBX system hardware and software upfront and pay for features that may never be used.

There are no additional charges for support or maintenance.


Telephone numbers need no longer be restricted by your location – if the business moves, the phone numbers can now move with it. With Raycon Hosted VoIP there is no need to move to new phone numbers just because the office has relocated, whether in the same area or to a different continent. New sites can be up and running in days rather than weeks.

Calls can be routed to multiple geographic locations enabling workers to answer and transfer calls for free as if they are in the same office. Remote workers share the same features and all important “look and feel” of the company telephone system, making them as effective as their office-based counterparts. Many of our customers (especially those with a “road warrior” element to their workforce) have been able to improve communications whilst simultaneously lowering their operational costs.



International numbers can be added to any solution providing companies with an immediate international presence and contact numbers for international customers. Calls can be routed to and from any location worldwide allowing employees who travel to talk to their team members for free from any location.


Our platform runs on state-of-the-art Cisco and HP hardware and is designed with up time and full system redundancy in mind. In the event of any hardware failure the solution will continue to run seamlessly. In the event of a major system outage a “fail-over event” will be generated and users will automatically reconnect to a backup server within seconds.

The Future

We are dedicated to the continued evolution of our products. Through the development of new features and the integration of new technologies we aim to provide our customers with products that surpass their needs and enhance their business operations by making communication both easy and cost effective.

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