Web Hosting

When choosing a managed hosting provider flexibility is the key to your success. At Raycon we offer a wide selection of software and services and have the flexibility and experience to ensure your platform fulfills the needs of your business.

Standard Web Hosting

This our entry level service giving you everything you need to host your website and create an effective online presence for you and your business, including a free domain.

Although our affordable package comes with unlimited space & traffic, we do have a fair use policy so that your websites don’t unfairly affect the other accounts on the same server. When this happens you can easily move to a VPS or dedicated server which are more suited for hosted sites with higher traffic usage.

VPS – Virtual Private Servers

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a dedicated server that has been divided into separate virtual “containers”, each “container” completely isolated from each other.  In terms of functionality a VPS functions exactly the same as you having your own dedicated internet server, however without the problems!

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