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Harvest Systems is an IT consultancy firm that has been operating within the financial and media sectors for over 25 years. Our client assignments have largely been consultancy work and project management for blue chip companies in these sectors. We handle large IT projects, specifically the relocation of large financial dealing rooms, both in the UK and internationally.

We are based close to the City of London, in Southwark, allowing easy access to our clients both in the financial sector and in central London. We also carry out international assignments and have a representative office in Singapore.

As an IT consultancy firm we provide management for design and implementation of corporate IT infrastructures. This includes IT product and application selection as well as project and cost management.

As an IT support company we position our IT staff within client organisations, managing day to day operations of IT systems including voice and data networks, audio visual and video conference systems, as well as providing support of dealing room technologies.

We have considerable experience working with corporate IT departments, architects and main contractors and bring with us a strong understanding of the mechanical and electrical installations necessary to support IT infrastructures.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy is the largest section of our business, focusing on voice and data networking and IT infrastructure. To date most of our work has been with large financial institutions with who we have a history of high quality success.

Our consultants have a wide range of business understanding having worked in a number of different environments, enabling us not just to provide a solution, but also, to provide one tailored to meet the needs of the individual client. We provide cost efficient solutions as well as high quality and accurate project programme scheduling.

Programme Management – We have considerable experience in managing multi-disciplined project teams. This management is based on our complete understanding of individual systems architecture. This is further enhanced in our understanding of the way in which different components of an IT system are brought together to provide successful project implementation.

Project Management – Our experience in project management is based on our own methodologies, for both conventional and ‘fast-track’ projects. These methodologies have been successfully used for many years with a proven success rate.

Agile Project Management – In a rapidly changing world it has become inevitable that there will be projects that are required to be completed quickly. Our team has strong experience of this type of project based on our standard project methodology. We work together to offer fast and effective solutions to any problems that may arise. Prince 2 – All our methodologies are in line with Prince 2 project methodology standards.

Cost Management – We have developed a number of bespoke procedures for managing IT costs. This covers IT projects, corporate IT budgets, cost containment and reduction.

Quality Control/Assurance – There are a number of activities that we provide under the general heading of quality assurance which may be of specific interest to the project. The failure of any one of these areas will cause the project to be unsuccessful. These ares are:-

  • Risk Management
  • Financial Management
  • Infrastructure Testing
  • Information Gathering and Collation

Our philosophy for quality control is to start at the design stage and maintain quality assurance throughout the life cycle of the project. This will ensure that each area of work is effectively integrated within the whole project.

Strategic Planning – Long term IT strategic planning is often not considered ‘IT’ and is often driven by operational consideration. Inevitably the operational approach will require correction in light of changing business requirements and newer IT development and technologies. Our broad background and knowledge makes us ideally suited to develop long term IT strategies that are in line with your unique business requirements and to pre-empt and suggest new suitable IT technology.

DR Planning and Project Implementation – We work in IT within the financial sector and as such, we are involved in a number of DR designs, implementation and operational aspects.

Infrastructure Design, Data Network Design – We implement and commission management of LAN’s WAN’s and Wireless networks.

IT Cabling Design and Implementation Management – We are an approved installer of IT cabling and provide both copper and fibre installations for companies that we provide operational support to. We have a high level of understanding of the infrastructure issues and can provide staff specifically to assist in patching and system interconnectivity.

Network Design – The fundamentals of networking design remain reasonably constant, the design and implementation are more variable with each network designed to meet the individual corporate and business requirements. This implementation is usually distinctive to the individual company.

Data Centre Design and Project Management – We have considerable experience in designing and managing IT equipment rooms of all sizes. We often work with building companies and mechanical and electrical (M&E) consultants to get the building works, the power and the air handling systems installed and commissioned to meet the equipment design requirements. All our consultants have a good understanding of M&E services.

Technical Design – There is always a degree of technical architecture in any IT system; although the dealer board architecture will be supplied by the manufacturer, there is a large element of conceptual design and detailed design required for the voice recording system.

Network Security – We strongly believe that network security must always be addressed upfront due to the number of security issues within any banking environment. In order for network security to be a succes VOIP and LAN traffic management must be integrated.

Operational Information Gathering and Collation – Many projects and operational changes require the gathering and collation of large amounts of information. We provide skilled staff using standard documentation to gather relevant information; which is then collated and analysed to meet business requirements.

Infrastructure Design

IT cabling infrastructure has become an important part of modern building design, particularly in businesses where there is an increasing demand for faster and more efficient technology. Our approach is to design the infrastructure to meet dynamic requirements, by ensuring that suitable cable routes and services are provided at an early stage. We work with both, IT departments and the building design team to achieve these objectives.

Infrastructure Design – We can assist you in choosing the best IT cabling for the project. From our experience of cabling installations and international standards we have developed a strong understanding of transmission theory which allows us to select the most appropriate way for wiring a building to meet current and future IT requirements.

Quality Management – As part of our overall quality control methodologies, we have developed a standard approach to manage the quality of cabling installations. This is particularly important with larger or advanced cabling solutions.

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