Remote Monitoring & Management

Raycon has launched its in-house developed Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) system. Once the preserve of complex, expensive and specialised mainframe servers, we are able to offer to our customers these same facilities at an extremely affordable price. Customers using our former Check-IT Service have already been upgraded to our RMM Bronze Level Service with its enhanced monitoring and reporting facilities. We have also included the Standard Level Package to most of our contracted support customers.

RMM is Raycon’s most comprehensive Support Service, offering predictive analysis and diagnosis of the customer’s Hardware and Software facilities. The product vision for RMM is to develop a Service through which Raycon can identify, evaluate, predict and rectify customer Hardware and Software issues even before they become apparent to the users.

The current RMM service is already capable of identifying a large number of potential problems and proceed to raise an alert in real-time by various methods. Please take a look at the four Levels of Service we offer and what features are available.

Our Service Levels

Choose your plan
  • Servers
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  • System Failures
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  • Response
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  • Report & Audit
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  • Websites
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  • Workstations
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  • Predictive Trends
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  • RMM Portal Access
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Basic Free Package
  • One Server
    One server is monitored, or one PC acting as a Server
  • Fatal and serious error conditions reported to our Help Desk staff
  • Next working day fatal error Help Desk response
  • Annual
    Annual basic standard fault reports
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
Professional Package
  • Negotiable
    The number of servers to be covered subject to agreed contract terms
  • Daily update of fatal or serious error conditions via email
  • Next working day automatic ticket response on errors to Help Desk for user liaison
  • Monthly
    Monthly standard fault reporting. Annual standard audit reports
  • One Site
    Single website home page is monitored and a direct email failure notice is sent
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
Enhanced Package
  • Unlimited
    All servers are automatically covered including virtual servers
  • Alarm type email notification of fatal and other serious error conditions
  • Automatic ticket issue on fatal errors for Help Desk and user management action
  • Weekly
    Weekly standard fault reporting. Quarterly hardware and major software audit reports
  • One Site
    Single website Home page is monitored with immediate fault reporting
  • Custom
    Devices are covered based on the contracted agreement
  • Basic Reporting
    Monthly reporting of predicative component failures and replacement triggers
  • Not Included
Ultimate Package
  • Unlimited
    All organisational servers, including virtual servers
  • Immediate
    Immediate alarm actions when fatal and high risk failures occur
  • Priority
    Priority Help Desk response. Out-of-hours fatal early next morning onsite engineer scheduling
  • Bespoke
    Agreed custom reporting of errors code, failures, audits and predictive monitoring
  • Unlimited
    Hosted web pages monitored as being available, with immediate fault reporting
  • Unlimited
    All the agreed currently switched on (and connected) devices are monitored
  • Full Reporting
    Full reporting (as defined in agreed custom reports) of all failure predictions
  • Included
    Included for your management

Key Features & Benefits of RMM

Dependent on the service level chosen and subject to contract:

  • RMM System developed in house with continuous development and customisation
  • All Servers (and selected Workstations) will be included
  • Rapid “Alarm“ type response to fault conditions with tiered automated responses
  • Real Time Data including errors, warnings and even predicting future failures
  • Custom reporting of errors, warnings, predictive trends and periodic audits
  • Reporting of hosted website failures
  • Exceptionally secure and safe, none of your data is accessed or examined at all
  • Extremely small footprint will not adversely affect network or system performance
  • Various levels of reporting of faults that arise and those pending for the future
  • Allows you to concentrate on your core activities with us guarding your supporting technology systems
  • Tolerance thresholds are set and if at any time, values drop into the danger zone, an alert is automatically generated

With this additional premium service, Raycon will install appropriate agents on to selected Servers, Workstations and Printers on the network. If any problems or even a developing problem is identified, RMM will alert Raycon and the customer (if required) by e-mail or text message as necessary. If available and serious enough a Remote-IT connection is made to attempt to resolve the issue.  In some cases even without the customer needing to be aware.

Raycon can customise the RMM service to suit individual client’s requirements. Amongst other tests, the RMM agent can monitor Server, Workstation and Printer activity 24/7 for items such as the following:

CPU Utilisation
Memory Availability
Page File Utilisation
Disk Utilisation
Network Utilisation
Core Services
Application Services
Website Monitoring