Structured Cabling

The use of modern communication devices is increasing at a breathtaking rate.  Sharing of these resources maximises their efficiency, therefore, an effective method of interconnecting them is required.  Structured cabling systems play a critical role in all data communication systems, providing the physical link between the source and destination of all information.  Modern cabling infrastructures are cost effective, flexible and designed to support voice, data, video and video conferencing, cable TV and other security applications. It facilitates the normal operations of additions and changes, whenever and wherever necessary, and is universal in its ability to carry a wide variety of applications from voice and low speed data to high speed network applications.

With many years experience in the industry, the cabling team has had wide exposure to a variety of office environments including live networks, listed buildings and external links.  Raycon has built a reputation for its excellent service levels based around a very personal but professional process of conducting business.  Our engineers can call upon comprehensive stocks of cabling for voice and data systems – together with equivalent connection and interface equipment – enabling swift and proficient installation of systems.  Raycon has been recognised for the exceptional quality of its workmanship, linked with a capacity to fulfil customer requirements within short timescales – vital for the rapid pace of modern business requirements.

Optical Fibre Links

Building to building fibre networking is a very cost effective and secure link solution when a traditional cable is not viable or very expensive.  Building link solutions have an extremely low cost of ownership when compared to other more traditional options such as leased lines. Free space optics supports data rates from 622 to 1500 Mbps with interfaces for gigabit ethernet or fibre channel.  Systems are supplied as a pair of full-duplex transceiver units together with optional wall-mount fixings and indoor units containing network interfaces and power supplies. The system has in-built alignment aids, link-test and diagnostic functions to facilitate installation and service.

  • Carrier-Class Outdoor grade Free-Space Optical communication (FSO) transmission system
  • Interfaces for all of the major telecommunications and data formats
  • Full-duplex bandwidth from 622Mbps up to 1500Mbps
  • Range variants for 200m, 500m, 1km and 1.5km
  • Wide beam technology overcomes building movement problems
  • Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC) feature
  • Connect to gigabit ethernet or fibre channel interfaces
  • IP65 environmentally protected casings
  • Optional Indoor Unit (IDU) containing network interfaces, management and power supplies
  • Immediate applications in data networking, telecommunications, broadcast and CCTV


The Raycon cabling team can provide, among other things, the following products and services:

  • All current popular standards including CAT5e and Cat6, FDDI and Gigabit voice and data structured cabling solutions
  • Older standards such as 10BaseT/2/5, Co-axial BNC, VG-Lan, Token-Ring and others still present in some older networks
  • Laser Line of Sight (FSO) links
  • Internal and external fibre links and backbones
  • Consultation and advice on upgrades and replacement of datacomms equipment and requirements
  • Upgrade and replacement of active equipment such as switches and hubs
  • Cabinet installations, relocations, and reorganisations of enclosures with cable management systems
  • Schematics and diagrams of networks, comms equipment and cabinets
  • Complete network relocations and office moves

Raycon can provide a total structured cabling voice and data cabling network infrastructure from design to installation.  If you require more information on how we can help please contact us here