Prepaid IT

Consult-IT is essentially a method of budgeting for IT investments that are inevitably required on a random basis or planned basis.  It not only offers considerable savings but also eliminates unexpected bills.  Desktop Consult-IT time can be used in one hour blocks to investigate problems remotely (on computers that are not covered by Phone-IT / Remote-IT) and to resolve faults onsite that cannot be resolved remotely.  The time can also be used for desktop and for remote integration projects.

The volume-linked charging structure is such that, the more time a client anticipates requiring, the greater the discount. After discussing a client’s plan for the forthcoming year and analysing historical data, Raycon will recommend an appropriate allocation of Consult-IT time based on requirements. This allocation never expires so it remains as a block of time that can be used as and when required without additional charge.  If a client uses all its allocation of Consult-IT time the account can be topped-up, qualifying for additional discounts.

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