Broadband and Telecoms

As companies become even more dependent on IT and telecoms for running their business the need for better, faster and more reliable broadband and internet services becomes a necessity. We are able to advise on the best possible solution for your business, starting with basic broadband at competitive prices. This can progress to permanently connected high speed fibre connectivity, fully supported and remotely managed. In fact we can supply and support the full range of telecoms services and products.

IT Support London Telecoms

Telecoms services with Raycon

Leased Lines

Also called Private Circuits, Leased Lines provide a dedicated link between two locations, or to the internet. The advantage is they provide fast reliable communications and these days are suitable for both large and small companies alike. Especially essential where high reliability voice and data communications are an essential business requirement.

Voice Over IP

Since 2010, the voice communication landscape has changed dramatically with conventional telephone handsets being increasingly replaced by telephones based on the internet protocol, referred to as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). We have considerable experience of VoIP having worked on many VoIP office based solutions over many years. More recently there has been a move to centralised Hosted services, where the main telephone system is managed offsite – in the Cloud. Raycon is able to provide a wide range of VoIP and Hosted VoIP services.

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Like other voice services, mobile communications are going through major changes, not only with the pace of change of the actual handsets themselves, but also a change in the primary Transmission Radio System (TRS). This change is collectively called “4G services”. 4G is based on Internet Protocols (IP’s); which will therefore bring mobile communications into line with data networks and VoIP.

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